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Your chiropractic experience will begin with obtaining a comprehensive health history to identify not only your areas of complaint, but co-morbidities or lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your pain or impeding your ability to recover or achieve your optimum health. This will be followed by a thorough clinical examination, with emphasis on the areas of your chief complaint, but will also look at other areas that may be contributing to your pain or overall general health. X-rays may or may not be taken. The need for x-rays will be determined by your doctor based on the nature and severity of your complaint as well as clinical findings.

Once your doctor has synthesized all the information from your history, examination and x-rays (if taken),  a diagnosis will be determined along with a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Your treatment will generally include chiropractic adjustments, but only if you are a good candidate. Dr. Koshick is proficient in a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques, from traditional techniques of manual manipulation, to low force manual and drop techniques as well as low force instrument adjusting using the Activator Method. Our doctors can move the same bone or joint using several different methods, allowing them to tailor a technique that most fits your comfort level. 

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